1. What are hashed tables? When to use them instead of standard tables?
  2. What is the difference between internal table and work area?
  3. Write a sample code for following scenario – DSO1 has field F1 which should be populated with F2 field from DSO2. Write a look up routine in DSO1 transformation to get the values for F1.
  4. Write a sample customer exit code to get the current month from the system date.
  5. What steps you will take to optimize the start routine performance?
  6. List some good coding  habits for better performance.
  7. When to use end routine?
  8. How to use DTP routines? Give a scenario where you will use routines in DTP filter.
  9. Have you used routines in info package? If yes,  when?
  10. A process chain should not run on company holidays, how you will ensure same?
  11. How to write a program to check and replace special characters in a text with space?
  12. How to write a program to count the number of records loaded from say a flat file to target?
  13. What are global variables? When to  use them?
  14. Can we use cube for look up? if no, why?
  15. What is expert mode in DTP debugger?capture
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