1. Which domains you have worked upon?
  2. Have you used Datasource based on Function Modules? If yes when and how?
  3. When to use expert routines? Can you give an example?
  4. Do you have experience in working with BW Accelerator?
  5. Do you have experience in Integrated Planning?
  6. How you will model master data that is frequently changing?
  7. How is BW statistics important in analyzing the query performance?
  8. Have you fixed any language related issues in BW?
  9. How you will go about in improving a process chain performance?
  10. An infopackage is taking long time to execute, how you will improve its performance?
  11. What is the delta mechanism you would follow for master data?
  12. What are cells in BEx query, when to use them?
  13. What are structures in a BEx query?
  14. Have you  used customer exits? if so give an example.
  15. Do you have experience in Authorization?

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