Once the development is completed, you have to perform unit testing before handling over to QA team.

In the Unit test document, you have to summarize your changes is a less technical and easy to understand manner. Then you have to list out test scenarios, test cases, expected result, actual result, and test result in a tabular format like below-

Test ScenarioTest CaseExpected ResultActual ResultTest Result
After loading the data to the target the load date field should be populated as system date1. Load the dataThe data should get loaded without any errorsAs expectedPASS
2. Check the load date field in targetThe load date should be same as the system dateAs expectedPASS
Run the query. The AR amount in the query should be same as the Due Amount if the net due date is more than the system date1. Execute the queryThe query should get executed without any errorsAs expectedPASS
2. Check the AR amount in the queryThe AR amount and Due amount should match only if net due date is in future as compared to system dateFailed – AR amount is same as Due amount even if net due date is less than the system dateFAIL


If any scenario is failed, you have to check and correct the error and perform one round of unit testing again.

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