For any development tasks, whether it is a new development, enhancement or an issue fix, the client will ask you about the estimates. Estimates are the amount of time needed to complete the task which also includes the unit testing, documentation and transportation times.

You have to be very realistic in giving the estimates as it may lead to escalations later if the changes are not done in the stipulated time.

Hence, before committing on any deadline, take time to write down the list of tasks and time needed to complete each of them in the form of an excel sheet. This will help you in giving realistic estimates to the client.

A sample estimate can look like below-

  1. Creating new info objects and data flow including cube, DSO, DTP, info package and transformations– 5 hours
  2. Create transformation routines – 3 hours
  3. Create process chains – 2 hours
  4. Create BEx queries – 2 hours
  5. Write customer exit code for date in BEx queries – 2 hours
  6. Unit testing and documentation – 2 hours

Total – 16 hours or 2 man days

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