After an implementation is complete, many clients need a brief training on how to run and navigate through BI reports.

You have to make a presentation which is easy to understand and less technical.

You can illustrate on general advantages of BI like report broadcasting, export to excel features. Then you can tell about how to login and locate the folder where the reports are, opening and executing reports in the portal, navigating through reports – drag and drop, filtering, drilling down etc.

You can also highlight upon how to know the report is updated, if it is not, whom to contact. Mention the support team email and phone numbers in the last slide so that they can contact in case of any issues with the BI reports.

Make sure to include brief information about each report and its features e.g. the Daily Sales report will get updated every day by 9:00 am EST and will have data about the sales order quantity and status for each day for current month and last month showing the yesterday’s date as the most recent date.

If the query takes any user input, illustrate on how to give error free inputs while executing the query.

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