Once the requirements are finalized, bw team has to prepare blueprint document which details about the functional requirements and the technical steps of how to achieve those. It also summarizes about the as is situation and the challenges to be faced in the implementation.

All the technical aspects like business content data sources, extractors, info objects, cubes, process chains etc. are listed and any customization needed is also mentioned.

The blue print document serves as a plan and guideline for the bw team and the business to review the changes as the implementation progresses.

Below are some of the points to be included in a blue print document for any particular module say for example AR

  1. Current Process – master data and transaction data
  2. High level design and flow
  3. Standard data sources to be utilized, generic data sources
  4. Customization needed for info objects
  5. Transaction data flow and mapping – staging layer, integration layer and reporting layer
  6. Report layout, format and fields, customer exits if any
  7. Delta Mechanism
  8. Process chain and scheduling
  9. Authorization
  10. Data retention and backup strategy
  11. Naming convention to be followed
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