The As is analysis and Gap Analysis documents are made at the requirement phase of the implementation project.

As Is analysis sheet lists the key figures and characteristics which cover the current reports used by business. Thus all the dimensions and measures of the company are mapped to a business content info object and possible cube and data flow is proposed.

The gap analysis reports lists down the KPIs from business content which the company can utilize for the existing module. E.g. in Sales, company is seeing data in detail level at the sales order granularity. Here we can propose them for overview and trend reports offered by the business content to get greater insights from the sales data.

The gap analysis can also list the missing modules that the company can implement and take advantage of. For example, the quality module which shows reports for cost incurred due to poor quality can be proposed if the company don’t have such reports in their current legacy or ERP system.

As is Analysis report is usually made module wise in a tabular format in an excel sheet.

The Gap analysis report is usually made in the presentation format showing modules in a graphical way. The missing modules and their advantages are highlighted as a power point slides and are presented to the client.

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