Sales and Distribution or SD in short is module for Sales, Delivery and Billing data for a company.

Every company does business in the following way – Quotation is sent to the interested customer. If customer wants to buy that item, quotation is converted to sales order. Item is then billed and invoice is generated.

Customer may decide to pay later or immediately. If payment is done later, this record goes to Account receivables. Finally, the product is shipped and delivered to the customer and the sales order status changes to ‘Delivered’.

There are many processes involved here like shipment of the package, returns, cancellation etc.

Below are some of the standard SAP data sources for extracting the data from the source tables. These can only be used if the source is SAP ECC standard tables.

Billing conditions – 2LIS_13_VDCON

Billing Items – 2LIS_13_VDITM

Sales order items – 2LIS_11_VAITM

Delivery items – 2LIS_12_VCITM

Here the status of the sales order can change like invoice, Billed, Delivered, Rejected etc.

You can visit SAP help for more details on this module by clicking on the link below-



SD BW queries can give very useful insights on how the business is performing. These queries can help users to see product sales in a given time period, how many orders were rejected and why, which territory recorded maximum sales, which orders are still open and not delivered, returns per customer, quotation success rate per sales area etc.

Common issues that users report and are created as tickets in a support project are-

  • Sales order delivered but still appearing as ‘Open’ status in the query result.
  • Sales order billing amount doubled in the query

These issues mainly result due to failure in the SD process chain running in the system.

If any of these issues occur, look for the process chain failures like PSA request uploaded twice, info package stuck due to which delta is incomplete etc.

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